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Honey Bird Sweets

pack of 5 Walnut filling Lahijan kolooche- buy with prime

pack of 5 Walnut filling Lahijan kolooche- buy with prime

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If you miss authentic Persian Koloocheh from Lahijan, wait no more! ORDER IT

Koloocheh is a traditional Persian cookie and it originates from the Lahijan region of Northern Iran. It has a shell with a soft doughy filling inside. The filling comes in different variety of flavors like walnut , Almond , coconut or pistachio. Enjoy this truly amazing cardamom infused authentic Iranian Koloocheh with a cup of coffee or tea and will give your taste buds a different experience. Great for bringing back so much of your childhood memories and summer trips to "darya". Also great for impressing your hard to impress Iranian as well as non Iranian

Contain 5 boxes of  Persian-Style Filled Cookies

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar, hydrogenated and liquid vegetable oil, pasteurized liquid Egg, Walnuts, Wheat starch, baking powder,  artificial flavors, Nutmeg, Cardamom, citric acid, Water

Contains Wheat, Eggs, walnut 

quantity in each box

Containes 4 cookies

Care Instructions

Keep it in cool and dry place

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