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Honey Bird Sweets

pack of 5 Almond filling Lahijan kolooche- buy with prime

pack of 5 Almond filling Lahijan kolooche- buy with prime

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If you miss authentic Persian Koloocheh from Lahijan, wait no more! ORDER IT

Koloocheh is a traditional Persian cookie and it originates from the Lahijan region of Northern Iran. It has a shell with a soft doughy filling inside. The filling comes in various flavors like walnut, Almond, coconut, or pistachio. Enjoy this truly amazing cardamom-infused authentic Iranian Koloocheh with a cup of coffee or tea and will give your taste buds a different experience. Great for bringing back so much of your childhood memories and summer trips to "Darya". Also great for impressing your hard-to-impress Iranian as well as non-Iranian

Contain 5 boxes of  Persian-Style Filled Cookies

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar, hydrogenated and liquid vegetable oil, pasteurized liquid Egg, Almond, Wheat starch, baking powder,  artificial flavors, Nutmeg, Cardamom, citric acid, Water

Contains Wheat, Eggs , Almond

quantity in each box

Containes 4 cookies

Care Instructions

Keep it in cool and dry place

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